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How to become a graphic designer

By Remington College Posted March 13,2019

In the modern age, it might seem like art and technology are exact opposites. In fact, there's a career that brings the two together'graphic design.

Graphic designers use technology to take ideas and convey them in visual form, whether digitally or in print. Because graphic design combines both analytical skills and artistic sensibilities, it can be the perfect career for creative and tech savvy people alike.

Graphic designers use text and images and must know how to work with typefaces, colors and layouts. Their work is used in advertisements, brochures, magazines, websites and more. They are even sometimes logo designers.

Does this sound like the field for you? If so, here are a few steps you can take to enter the field:

Because graphic designers often work with certain software, and because they must be well-versed in the principles of design, they often have a degree.

A tech school might help you with the education you need to become a graphic designer. Remington College offers a digital graphic art associate degree program for students interested in graphic design at its Fort Worth campus.

The program aims to expose students to the subjects needed to become a graphic designer. Students study the fundamentals of graphic design theory and application, as well as the graphic arts software programs related to the field. The course topics include:

The program typically takes full-time students 18 months to complete.1

Because every designer has his or her own style and method, having a portfolio of completed works that demonstrates your style and capabilities is essential. Internships can help you develop this portfolio, as can work done in the classroom. At Remington College Fort Worth campus, practical laboratory experience is an integral part of the program, so students can get the hands-on experience they may need to create a portfolio.

There are many different jobs available to graphic designers. Some work at firms, while others are self-employed and work with clients. Remington College's program may prepare you for entry-level jobs in the field, including desktop publisher, computer graphic artist, website designer or production artist.2 Once you decide on a job you'd like to pursue, you can search for graphic design jobs near you.

If you're ready to become a Fort Worth graphic designer, take the first step and sign up for a career training program at Remington College Fort Worth Campus. To learn more visit or call 1-800-208-1950.

1 Program completion times may vary based on individual performance/circumstances. Individual results may vary.

2 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.