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Remington College’s associate degree Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in medical assisting. The Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) degree program(1) offers the ability to take your classes on campus and online.

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Students can earn their degree in as few as 24 months. Students who have obtained a diploma in Remington College’s 12 month Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) program(2) are eligible to transfer 100% of their credits towards earning their associate degree in Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope).


At Remington College, students will find laboratories equipped with x-ray machines for simulation for limited scope and receive hands-on training that translates to real world skills. Students will have the opportunity to operate the simulated X-ray equipment and position patients for X-ray procedures.

The associate degree in Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) will also expand on subjects like:

  • Medical Laboratory Procedures
  • Radiology Basics
  • Radiographic Imaging Protocols
  • Radiographic Positioning


As part of the program, students will participate in an externship program. Students will work alongside practicing doctors and nurses to see first-hand what their role will look like in a working environment.


(1)Eligible program version is MAX15
(2)Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates


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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Medical assistants are not required to be certified in most states. However, employers prefer to hire certified assistants.”(1)

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Your tuition for the Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) program includes the cost of the first attempt for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam and the first attempt at any state-specific certification exam, along with the related application and exam fees.(2) Once you graduate, you can take your state-specific certification exam if required.(2)


Additionally, you may wish to pay for and take the available phlebotomy technician and EKG technician certification exams when you complete the program, if you meet the requirements.


Certifications, licensure requirements, and procedures vary by state. This means that your options for certification depend on where you live..


Select a certification or license for your state from the list below for more information on that certification or license:



(1)This program should not be confused with an X-ray technologist program.
(2)Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates. State certification/licensure may be required.
(3)Licensure and/or certification may vary by state. Requirements may vary by state. The state of Alabama does not have any licensure requirements for X-ray professionals. For more information, contact:
Alabama Department of Public Health, Office of Radiation Control
P.O. Box 30317
201 Monroe St.
Montgomery, AL 36130-3017


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Job Outlook

The Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) Associate Degree program at Remington College offers training in the administrative tasks that happen in a medical office. It also covers key tasks related to assisting patients, along with the clinical lab and limited X-ray procedures that you may be asked to help with.2

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What’s the career outlook for Medical Assistants with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) training?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for medical assistants are projected to grow by 23 percent from 2014 to 2024. That’s a much faster rate of growth than the average for all occupations.(2,4)


The main employers of medical assistants, including those with limited scope X-ray training, may include doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.(2,3)

What skills and training can help you prepare for a career in Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope)?

Through lectures, labs, clinical exercises, and in-field externship training, our Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) diploma program is designed to prepare you with a basic understanding of routine medical office tasks and procedures, including taking X-rays.(4,5)


Along with those skills, medical assistants must also be able to understand details and follow procedures, be comfortable using medical instruments and equipment, and have the ability to interact in a calm and professional way with people.


Being certified or licensed may also help you to move ahead in this field and may be required by medical boards or health departments in several states.(2,6)


(1)This program should not be confused with an X-ray technologist program.
(2)Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates. State certification/licensure may be required.
(3) BLS statistics represent national job growth expectations and are not necessarily reflective of local market conditions.
(4)Must meet minimum GPA requirements to quality for externship program. Additional requirements may apply.
(5)Certain restrictions may apply.
(6)Licensure and/or certification may vary by state. Requirements may vary by state. The State of Alabama does not require certification, licensure, or registry for X-ray professionals. A safety course is required to gain employment as an X-ray operator, which Remington College includes in the Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) diploma curriculum.


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Potential Career Destinations(1)

Medical assistants who have the additional skills of X-ray may work in the following settings:

Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) Diploma




(1) Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.



  • Career Development Fundamentals
  • Career Development Principles
  • Introduction to Algebra Part I
  • Introduction to Algebra Part II
  • Health Science Essentials (includes CPR certification exam!)
  • Health Science Business Procedures
  • Law, Ethics, and Therapeutic Communication
  • Externship (160 hours)
  • Fundamentals of Medical Assisting
  • Medical Laboratory Procedures
  • Specialty Exams, Urinalysis, and Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Cardiac Specialty Procedures
  • Nervous and Digestive Systems
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Radiographic Imaging Protocols and Positioning
  • Radiographic Specialization and Positioning
  • Radiology and Imaging
  • Capstone and Certification Preparation





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