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Welcome to the Remington College Lafayette Campus.

July 1998 marked the start of Remington College in Lafayette, Louisiana. Since that time, we’ve established our presence in the community by delivering professional training programs that are in step with the needs of Acadiana college students.

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Our Campus is dynamic and lively, our people are warm and welcoming, and our halls are filled with postcards, pictures, and information about our graduates and the companies they now work for.(1)


(1)Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates. Additional requirements for licensure and/or certification may apply.

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Industry Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are eager to bring their years of in-field experience into the classroom. They have a practical teaching style that our students seem to value and appreciate.

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Many of our students find that they can call on our instructors for advice or guidance, even after they graduate. We think that kind of care and attention helps to set our Lafayette college apart.


And that individual level of support extends to our Admissions and Student Finance teams, our Career Services team, and our Directors and Campus President as well, who have a common goal to make your experience with Remington College in Lafayette a beneficial and rewarding one for you.

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Our Campus has greeted visitors from the Lafayette Parish Police Department and local organizations who speak to our students about the opportunities available in various career fields.(1)

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Organizations that stop by our Lafayette college have included:

  • Accel Security
  • Advantage Staffing
  • Donovan Mouton – Barber
  • Ed Roy Investigations
  • Evangeline Downs
  • Icon Shears
  • JcPenny Salon
  • Lafayette Parish Police Department
  • Lafayette City Police
  • Leading Healthcare
  • Licensed Cosmetologist from local Salons
  • Louisiana State Police
  • Ontrac Telecommunications
  • Maddie Guidry – Special effects Makeup
  • Regis Corporation
  • Rose Archangel- Touched by an Angel Salon
  • United Blood Services


Over the years, many Lafayette graduates have returned to Campus to share their experiences, and several have participated in our Program Advisory Committees (PACs).


We meet regularly with PAC members to make sure our coursework, equipment, facilities, and program objectives remain responsive and relevant to the needs of our students and the Lafayette community. Our Campus also enjoys giving back in many ways.

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Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM | Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

“Our instructors are eager to bring their years of in-field experience into the classroom. They have a practical teaching style that our students seem to value and appreciate.”

– Director of Campus Administration, JoAnn Boudreaux


The Remington College Lafayette Campus is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) is a recognized accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education.





  • The instructors were very knowledgeable, supportive, and they were definitely hands-on. If you need additional assistance, they are always there for you even if you needed to stay late. They definitely gave you one hundred percent and probably are the greatest teachers I had.

    Cornelious J.
  • Career services help me by actually sending my resume out I wasn't sent sending out just yet and they sent it out for me got me the interview Remington called me and let me know that I needed to go there and went there and got hired the same day.

    Natasha J.
  • As far as Remington College as a whole, I think it's a great family atmosphere. One hundred percent dedication. The classes were small, so they definitely gave you their undivided attention, and they always had time for you.

    Cornelious J.
  • My favorite part about being a student at Remington College was the flexibility, the great teachers, and the great environment. It was people of all ages and all different backgrounds, and you got to meet a lot of them. We helped each other, so I just loved coming to school here.

    Natasha J.
  • Remington helped me prepare for my certifications by giving us the training that we need. They met us where we were, so if we needed more work or more help with something, they worked with us one-on-one to ensure that we were going to be successful with what we were about to encounter. So Remington did a fabulous job of educating us and setting our expectations of what we need to do.

    Ryan W.
  • My experience at Remington was actually wonderful. I think the teachers were great, and the information was very up-to-date. I just enjoyed all the different classes that I took in all the different subjects.

    Cornelious J.
  • I called and a representative, got right back in touch with me and they put me in touch with the counselor and she was very welcoming and she helped me through the whole process and it was very smooth.

    Ryan W.
  • The facility itself was great. I felt welcome. It was like a home away from home. The instructors were great. They were very accommodating. They helped me as much as they could, and gave as much information as they could, so it was wonderful.

    Rachel C.
  • My instructors here at Remington College were very helpful. They provided us with all the knowledge and skills we really needed to go out and perform in the work setting. It really was what we needed.

    Natasha J.
  • I chose Remington College because when I came to speak  with the advisor she was very helpful and enthusiastic in helping me decide that I wanted to actually start medical assisting and not be afraid in taking that first step.

    Alice G.
  • What I would want people to know about Remington College is that it's a great school. The teachers are very knowledgeable, and they make sure you succeeded in school and your classes, and they will help you get what you need to further your education.

    Alice G.
  • I chose Remington because of the time that classes took place. I was able to work, come to class, and then be home for my kids.

    Rachel C.
  • My instructors were very very informative. They were very dedicated, devoted, and passionate about what they did, and they made it their first priority. Their students...and the learning process was their first priority.

    Ryan W.
  • I came here at Remington college they took me on a tour of the campus and I figured this is where I wanted to go. Remington colleges the place to be for me and it paved the way for me to better myself.

    Marcus F.
  • I think the part I enjoyed the most was a lot of the one-on-one interaction with the smaller class sizes. It was really great. Everything felt more personal, especially with the instructors and the staff around here. They would do pretty much anything they could to just help you out any way that they can.

    Daniel B.
  • The program at Remington college I thought was very good. A lot of the things that we've learned here at the college I do at my day to day job. Everything from drawing blood to aut0oclaving Instruments to preparing sterile trays for physician all of that we use in the field so I thought think the program is put to put together very well.

    Alice G.


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