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Applications, Résumés, & Interviewing

We can help you design your résumé, offer tips on writing it, help you with employment applications, and more. We can help you with interviewing skills, give you tips on professional appearance, and offer valuable advice on how to follow up after your interviews.

Connecting Student with Potential Employers

We invite employers to visit our campuses and get to know you as you prepare to graduate, help set up interviews or pre-employment screenings (on campus or off), and talk about current and future job openings.(1)

(1)Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.

Staffing to Help Every Graduate

Our Career Services Departments are staffed to be able to work with every Remington College graduate. You’re not just a number, and you won’t have to get on a waiting list to speak with Career Services. In fact, we may even reach out to you first!



Frequently Asked Questions

You can approach this in whatever way is easiest and most convenient for you. Your first meeting with Career Services usually happens during your tour of the campus. And later, you’ll see us in your Career Development class. But our door is always open any time you want to stop in.

As soon as possible! You can talk to a Career Services Representative on your first day at Remington College. Think of us as your personal career advisor: Seek us out for answers to questions you have about your program, upcoming certification opportunities, employment options, interviews, and more.(1, 2) We’re here to lend an ear and lend a hand.

(1)Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.
(2)Additional requirements for certification may be required.

Any help you receive from Career Services – with creating your résumé, interviewing tips, advice about professional dress, and more — is included in the cost of your tuition.(1)

(1)Additional requirements for certification may be required.

Yes! Your Career Services Representative will work with the Academics Department on campus to make sure you’re aware of any upcoming certification exams that may help to enhance your qualifications as you look to enter your profession. (2)

Career Services can:(1)

  • Help you identify jobs in your industry that you may be qualified for.
  • Help you tailor your résumé to the job you’re applying for.
  • Reach out to any contacts we may have at a specific company, or in a specific industry, to help get extra attention drawn to your résumé.
  • Go through a mock-interview with you, so you’ll feel more prepared when you meet potential employers face to face.
  • Help you select the right outfit to impress your interviewer, and in some cases, we may even provide an outfit for you.
  • Follow up with the company you interviewed with to see how you did, get feedback for future interviews, and help you stay connected.

(1)Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.

Whether you’re a brand new student or a long-time graduate, these services never expire, so take advantage of them and call us today!





Coach & Counselor

We help you get ready to speak to potential employers by teaching you how to create your résumé and tailor it to the jobs you’re applying for, how to respond to interview questions, how to ask great questions during an interview, and how to keep your cool under interview pressure.

Image Consultant

We help you get ready to make a positive first impression on potential employers by giving you ideas about what to wear – and what not to wear – to each job interview, and general pointers on appearance and attitude. Some locations even have an on-Campus boutique to help you choose an interview outfit.


We get to know what local businesses are looking for, because we talk to them. It’s our job to help spread the word to potential employers about you and your skills. Our relationships with business leaders and hiring managers are created with one key thing in mind: to help you reap the potential rewards.


We stay in touch with local business leaders to invite them to our Campus as guest speakers or for job fairs, set up interviews for you, and follow up on job openings that may be right for you. We’re in touch with you to offer complimentary and continued coaching and guidance for as long as you wish.


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