Remington College’s highest priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. As such, we are continuing to monitor the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus and will take appropriate action to protect our students, faculty, and staff when information becomes available. More information will be shared on this website as it becomes available.

Update (3/30/2020)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Remington College will be offering an Economic Hardship Grant of $1,000 to eligible students that enroll on or after 3/26/2020. For students to be eligible to receive the Economic Hardship Grant, they must start and activate as a student at Remington College in an eligible program and start date. Along with the Economic Hardship Grant, Remington College will also defer out of pocket payment 90 days for these students from their start date. Click here for more information.

Update (3/17/2020)

In response to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have expanded our online, hybrid and blended program offerings for our future and existing students to study from home.

All Remington College classes for all locations have moved online through April 10, 2020, and students are asked not to return to campus until April 13, 2020. Essential campus operations are continuing but will be conducted through virtual administrative support (remote work).

Remington College will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updated information as future developments occur.

Updated List of Closed Campus Facilities (As of 3/17/2020)

  • Baton Rouge (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Cleveland (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Columbia (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Dallas (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Fort Worth (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Houston Southeast (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Lafayette (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Memphis (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Mobile (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Nashville (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • North Houston (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • Shreveport (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • All Remington College Dental Assisting & Dental Hygiene Clinics (Closed until April 13, 2020)
  • All Remington College Cosmetology Salons (Closed until April 13, 2020)

Additional Resources

For the latest updates as well as information about how to prevent COVID-19, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CALL US TODAY: 1-800-208-1950

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