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4 trends in the music industry right now

By Remington College Posted June 12, 2022

It might not seem like it, but the music industry has changed rapidly in the last decade. No longer do artists have to be discovered by big label representatives to become popular, and recording and releasing an album (despite the term) doesn’t look nearly the same as it did in the days of CDs and iPods.

Indeed, just as musicians are innovating to come up with new ways to speak through music, so too are the industry and the audience adapting to fit the times and tastes of the 2020s.

For those who are interested in entering the music industry, keeping up with these trends is essential. Here are a few trends we see as we continue through 2022.

Live music will return
As the world continues coming out of the pandemic, there’s a thirst for live music, according to Magnetic Magazine. During the pandemic, so many events were cancelled. Now, as musicians and venues are learning how they can safely conduct gatherings, audiences are coming back with a vengeance, eager to make up for lost time. Music lovers can expect to see more and more concert dates filling up venues near them.

Music will go more global and multilingual
In 2021, Viberate, a leader in music data and analytics, put together its first State of Music report. According to their mega-analysis of artists, festivals, tracks and playlists, the music industry won’t be dominated by English-speaking artists. One example? The insanely popular South Korean boy band BTS. Other Asian artists, as well as Latinx artists, are also dominating airwaves, bringing multilingual tracks to the forefront.

TikTok will continue to launch careers
You can’t talk about the music industry in 2022 without talking about TikTok. The popular social media platform has helped fans discover some of their new favorite songs, launching careers as music goes viral. It has also helped re-popularize songs from the past, and musicians are even writing songs specifically with the goal of going viral on the app. Indeed, one report suggests that two-thirds of TikTok users are more likely to seek out songs on streaming services after hearing them on TikTok. Because of the immense possibilities, TikTok can be a vital tool for every level of the music industry.


Grassroots monetization will continue its rise

Just as previously unknown artists can use tools like TikTok to find popularity, much of music is going more grassroots. Musicians have more chances to reach fans and nurture a fanbase, and that includes ways to make a living. During the pandemic, livestream performances were popular. Now, musicians at all levels can even monetize this content with digital tipping, digital merch and NFTs. Expect to see this area continue to evolve.