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5 Emerging Technology Trends in the Criminal Justice Field

By Remington College Posted June 12, 2022

Technology is changing and improving every day, and individuals and industries around the world are learning to incorporate those changes into their routines. The criminal justice field is no different.

Many new technologies are available to those in the criminal justice field with the goal of improving legal practices, preventing and solving crime, and promoting safety. Below are a few technology trends those in the field might expect to see—and how they can improve work for both officers and the public.

Body cams may pay off.
According to Government Technology, body cams, or cameras worn on a police officer’s person, have been the status quo since the 2010s. But though they are a common tool for accountability and transparency, according to a study from the University of Chicago Crime Lab and the Council on Criminal Justice, the benefits haven’t always been clear. The study, however, suggests body cams can pay off 5 to 1, with changes in use of force accounting for much of the benefits.

Next Generation Identification makes criminal history information more accessible.
The FBI created Next Generation Identification to make criminal history information more widely available throughout the criminal justice sector. Now, law enforcement personnel can identify people by voice patterns, palmprints and facial patterns, not just fingerprints.

Artificial intelligence can deliver better results, faster.
Artificial intelligence has made its way into many fields. According to Police1, artificial intelligence is primarily used in the criminal justice sector for data management. AI gives officers the ability to access and search large amounts of information quickly. For instance, with AI, officers can sift through hours of audio or video content quickly to find pertinent clips that can then be manually examined. Besides creating efficiency, artificial intelligence is also able to forecast crime, detect gunshots and help find information about suspects quickly.

Police car technology is creating efficiency.
As technology advances, even the patrol cars are getting an upgrade. Things like voice technology, prerecorded announcements and computer mounted set ups are allowing agencies to customize their vehicles to help officers operate most efficiently and more safely so they have technology at their fingertips while focusing on their environment.

Drones are entering police stations across the country.
According to Forbes, drones are proving effective in many areas of criminal justice. Drones have a capability to map out cities, allowing officers to act more quickly in case of a crime or natural disaster. Drones also provide the ability collect evidence from crime scenes and vehicle accidents without obstructing the scene and to provide a unique vantage point. They can also be used in low-light conditions and are being used to search for missing persons or suspects at night.

New technology in the criminal justice field can provide law enforcement officers and security personnel with new and improved ways to protect their communities, solve and prevent crime, and protect themselves. Staying up to date with the latest technology is vital, whether you’re a veteran or just starting out.