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Things you Should Know About the Restaurant, Hospitality and Retail Industries Right Now

By Remington College Posted June 12, 2022

It might feel like nearly every industry out there was left reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not hard to imagine how hard the restaurant, retail, hospitality and attractions industries were hit. Maybe you even experienced it yourself: Your favorite restaurant was take-out only, malls were closed and stores were only open for curbside pickup, or you had to cancel your summer trip and hotel.

If you’re someone interested in working in one of these exciting industries, you might be wondering if there’s still an opportunity for you. Like many other industries, the restaurant, retail, hospitality and attractions industries have all adjusted as we begin to face a new normal. Here are some of the trends happening in each of these sectors right now.

After grappling with the closure of dining rooms in 2020, the future of restaurants might have felt uncertain. In 2021, however, rising vaccination numbers, stimulus money and the reopening of in-person dining has led to a projected jump in restaurant sales by nearly 20 percent over 2020, according to the National Restaurant Association’s mid-year update.

Both the National Restaurant Association and Forbes predict several measures restaurants took during the pandemic will stick around:


Much like restaurants, physical retailers have seen a shifted landscape—the ripples of which are expected to be seen in the industry for years. When it comes to in-person shopping, Forbes predicts we will see the following trends:


Hotels and travel companies were some of the hardest hit during the pandemic. As travel numbers are rising again, the hospitality industry is finding ways to make travelers and staff feel safe, and this will likely affect everything from check-in procedures to hotel design in the future. According to Forbes and Hospitality Net this is what you can expect in hospitality as we finish out 2021:


Theme parks
Theme parks were highly avoided throughout the pandemic because of the mass crowds and strict regulations, but as we push past the pandemic, theme park goers are excited to be back. Research has shown that the risk level at theme parks is relatively low due to the open air flow, making guests more comfortable to spend their days visiting the parks. Market Watch says those in the industry and fans alike can expect these trends for the remainder of 2021:


Despite the aches and pains the hospitality industry has endured, the pandemic has proven that change can bring new and improved ideas that may further the industry in the long run.