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Degrees for creative people you can earn online or through a hybrid program

By Remington College Posted January 26th, 2021

If you love sitting at the easel creating a piece of art, crafting the perfect plate or practicing your instrument for hours, you’re probably a pretty creative person with a passion for your projects. And, if you’re passionate enough, you might even want to take your creativity and make it a career.
There are a number of ways to start your creative career, but if you’re considering going back to school, you might consider the flexibility of an online degree program or diploma program or a hybrid degree program or diploma program, which combine aspects of online courses and in-person courses.1 At Remington College, we offer a number of degrees and certifications in this area.
Here is a sampling of online and hybrid programs we offer that could feed your creative abilities.

Have you ever wanted to build something bigger than yourself? Consider pursuing an AUTOCAD education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, drafters help bring the designs of engineers and architects to life by creating digital models of “everything from microchips to skyscrapers” through computer-aided design. Remington College’s hands-on CADD program combines artistry and technology while emphasizing practical experience and skills. Our AUTOCAD training is designed to prepare students for a position in architecture, engineering or another related field.1

Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual and artistic concepts for a variety of industries including brochures, magazines and reports. Since design work can be an important tool used to sell products, many graphic designers work with advertisers, public relations professionals and marketers. At Remington College, our online graphic design degree requires no prior formal training and covers design fundamentals, which could make it a great starting point for those looking to become a digital graphic artist. 1

Do you have a passion for food and cooking? Remington College’s culinary arts program in Memphis, TN, can help prepare you to become a cook or personal chef.1 Students enrolled in this hybrid program have the opportunity to study technique online then apply practical skills in cooking labs. This course covers the art and science of preparing a variety of appetizers, sauces, entrées and desserts. It’s designed to help students develop the skills needed for an entry-level position in the culinary industry.1

If you can’t stop the beat inside your head, you might consider enrolling in a music program. What better place to pursue this than at a music production school in Nashville, TN? Nashville or “Music City” has been a popular music hub for many years. At Remington College Nashville Campus, we offer a diploma in Beat Production and Recording Arts Technology. This hybrid program provides students the opportunity to study the fundamentals of digital beat production, musical composition and vocal production.
1 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.