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Is a skilled trade job in Lafayette right for you?

By Remington College Posted April 18,2019

Are you a problem solver? Do you like working with your hands? Are you a fixer or creator? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a trade job could be the perfect fit for you.

Currently, the U.S. is facing a skilled labor shortage, with 87 percent of contractors at least moderately concerned about finding workers with adequate skill levels and 50 percent highly concerned.  Louisiana is no exception.

If you'd like to find a career in the industry in Acadiana, finding the right career training program could be the first step.

Remington College Lafayette Campus is proud to offer several skilled trade programs. Remington College is an accredited, non-profit technical school. We help our students prepare for entry level employment through hands-on job training programs.1,2 Students interested in skilled labor fields can choose from a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) diploma; facility maintenance diploma; or computer-aided design and drafting diploma.

But which path is right for you? Find out which field you might want to look into below.

  1. The Problem Solver ' HVAC Technician

If you enjoy discovering, diagnosing and solving problems, HVAC technician could be a great career for you. Our HVAC classes offer students the chance to study many aspects of the multifaceted heating and cooling industry such as:

Through the practical, hands-on courses, students will be given the opportunity to practice real skills, as well as prepare for valuable HVAC certification.

  1. The Fixer ' Facility Maintenance Technician

If you're the type of person who enjoys fixing things, whether it's a faulty wire or plumbing problem, you could make a great facility maintenance technician. Our facility maintenance classes teach the background knowledge and skills you may need to perform general maintenance and repair work such as:

On completion of this program, students will be prepared to maintain and repair equipment in residential and commercial buildings like residential hospitals, apartment complexes, office buildings, hotels and schools.1

  1. The Creator ' Drafter

If you're a dreamer who loves to create, working as a drafter might be fulfilling for you. Our CAD classes allow students to have hands-on experience practicing necessary skills and great opportunities such as:

Through the program, students study how to combine artistry with precision to create blueprints, 3D designs and more.

Think you've found the right fit for you? Remington College Lafayette Campus is here to help. To learn more about our programs, visit or call 1-800-208-1950.

1 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.

2 Accredited Member, ACCSC.