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Can you earn a medical assisting diploma online?

By Remington College Posted April 21, 2002

If you become a medical assistant, you might spend the day talking to patients and recording their history and information, measuring their vital signs, preparing blood samples for the lab, and even giving injections.

Seems like a pretty hands-on position, right?

It might be hard to imagine that you could complete a medical assistant program when you can't practice these skills in person. But if you are wondering if there are medical assistant programs online, the answer is yes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assisting is ranked among the fastest growing occupations from 2018 to 2028.1 Medical assisting is projected to grow nearly 23 percent, ranking it No. 20 on the list of the fastest growing occupations overall.1 This growth is because the aging population means there is a projected increase in the demand for preventative medical care.

Although there are no formal education requirements in most states for medical assistants, most employers prefer postsecondary education.2

Which brings us to online programs. These days, it can feel like things move fast. Whether you have a busy family life or work a full-time job, you might feel like you never have enough time, even if you want to go back to school.

The rise in technology has made that more convenient with a shift to online courses. Online courses allow students more flexibility to work in school requirements along with other commitments.

1 BLS statistics represent national job growth expectations and are not necessarily reflective of local market conditions.

2 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.

3 Must meet minimum GPA requirements to qualify for externship program. Additional requirements may apply.