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Remington College raises money for National Multiple Sclerosis Society on Giving Tuesday

By Remington College Posted December 17, 2019

Millions of people are living with Multiple Sclerosis worldwide. It does not discriminate against race or gender. It can impact patients and their families for decades. There is no cure.

For Giving Tuesday 2019, nonprofit Remington College chose longtime partner, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, for its fundraiser. In total, campuses across the country raised more than $1,500 to join the Society in its goal to live in a world free of MS.

MS is an “unpredictable disease.” It is believed that in those with MS, the immune system incorrectly attacks the central nervous system.

Most people diagnosed with MS are between the ages of 20 and 50, and the disease is two to three times more common in women than men. While genetics are thought to play a significant role in who develops MS, other factors, like the environment, may also be to blame.

According to the National MS Society, no two people have the same multiple sclerosis symptoms. The more common symptoms of MS can include fatigue, numbness or tingling, walking difficulties and weakness. One of the very first signs of MS for many people is vision problems.

While there are different paths the disease can take, multiple sclerosis is rarely fatal, according to the National MS Society. Research has shown the average life expectancy for someone with MS is seven years fewer than the average population of the United States.

The National MS Society helps patients and their families who have received the diagnosis. There are a wealth of resources available from the moment of diagnosis, including a network of doctors and of fellow patients.

The National MS Society funds research, which explores how to stop the disease from progressing and how to repair tissue already damaged. In a huge step forward in 2019, the FDA approved a pill for adults with relapsing forms of MS.

As a nonprofit, Remington College is committed to supporting our local communities. Our partnership with the National MS Society is just one way we are working to improve the lives of those closest to our hearts. Whether it is an online fundraiser or a walk, Remington College hopes to put an end to these devastating diagnoses with the MS Society. To learn more, visit Remington College’s team page here.