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Science careers you can pursue without a bachelor's degree

By Remington College Posted April 6,2020

When you were in school, did you enjoy excavating fossils, pouring one beaker into another to watch a reaction or dissecting a frog to see how its systems worked? Did you feel most at home in the lab, excited to see what truths you would uncover?

You were probably a science wizard, whether you loved earth science, physics, biology or chemistry.

But when it came time to pick a career, you might not have realized that science can be part of your everyday work even if you aren't a scientist. There are actually many jobs that incorporate aspects of science. You also might not have realized that you don't need a bachelor's degree to pursue a career in science.

If you have a passion for science but don't have a bachelor's degree, consider some of these careers.

1 Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.