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Why trade schools should provide options for students to fit education into their schedules

By Remington College Posted March 13,2019

Choosing higher education can be a huge decision. If you're thinking about college right after high school, determining what field you want to pursue can be daunting. If you're going back to school after being in the workforce, you might worry about making a smooth transition back to education.

Either way, you likely have work, family and other responsibilities to juggle.

Your schedule shouldn't be what stands in the way of pursuing your education. With the amount of time, energy and money you're investing, you should be able to choose a school that can provides you with options.

At Remington College, we work hard to ensure our students have many options to work their educational goals into their schedule.

Here are ways we can accommodate you and everything you have going on:

  1. We have 14 locations throughout the U.S.

With numerous campuses across the country, finding a location near you is easy. Many of our programs also offer online learning options with occasional lab experiences. This means you won't have to be on campus as much, which would leave you with more time for other things in your life.

  1. We offer a variety of class times, as well as online learning

If you live in a rural area, you might be thinking where can I find a trade school near me? Or what can I do if there are no local trade schools? If you're a busy parent, you might be wondering if there are options for you to go back to school. At many campuses and with many programs, we offer day or evening classes to help fit your schedule. Remington College's online program also allows you to complete your coursework at more convenient times.

  1. You don't need to worry about semesters

Rather than confine our students to fall, spring and summer semesters, we continuously start new job training programs throughout the year. You can begin classes when it's right for you.

  1. There are a variety of trade school careers to choose from

Remington College offers many trade school programs in a range of industries with various typical completion times.1 You can choose the career training program that best fits your interests, time frame and schedule.

We know you're busy. If you want to further your education, we at Remington College welcome you to look into our trade school degrees. To learn more about Remington College visit or call 1-800-208-1950.

1 Program completion times may vary based on individual performance/circumstances. Individual results may vary.