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What is CADD ' And is it right for you?

By Remington College Posted January 22,2019

What does a skyscraper have in common with a microchip? It's hard to imagine something so enormous and something so tiny could possibly share a commonality, but this isn't a trick question. Both things started off with a plan designed by a CAD drafting technician.

CAD, or CADD, is short for computer-aided design or computer-aided design and drafting. CADD is the process of creating computer models defined by geometrical parameters. The models represent a part or a system of parts that can be changed by adjusting the parameters. This allows CADD technicians to view different representations of objects and test them with simulations.

CADD technicians, also known as drafters, assist engineers and architects by using software like AutoCAD to convert engineers' and architects' designs into technical drawings. They typically specialize in architectural, civil or mechanical drafting. Everyday tasks drafters complete include:

Typically, drafters are highly visual people with strong mechanical and communication skills. Does that sound like you? To become a drafter, you likely need specialized training, as many employers prefer CADD technician applicants who have completed some training after high school. You can accomplish this by earning a CADD diploma or degree from a trade school. [i]

Remington College offers a computer-aided design and drafting diploma program throughout a number of its campuses across the U.S.

This CADD training program is available in:

Students who participate in Remington College's CADD program have the opportunity to learn AutoCAD technology that is in demand from employers. The CADD classes combine creativity with precision to help prepare students to create drawings of buildings, mechanical devices, electrical systems and more using AutoCAD software. Students study multi-dimensional blueprints, 3D designs and computer-aided drafting. You will have the opportunity to learn how to translate hand drawn drafting designs into computer-generated AutoCAD drawings. To make the experience as realistic as possible, students take drafting classes in a modern workstation.

Do you want to take advantage of CADD employment opportunities? A CADD program at a technical school could be the right choice for you.[ii] Read more about Remington College's computer-aided design and drafting diploma program here.


[i] Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.
[ii] Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.