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What is process technology?

By Remington College Posted April 18, 2019

Process technology might seem like a foreign phrase, but you probably reap the benefits of it every day. When you turn on the tap for water, flip a light switch or fill up your car with gas, chances are you're doing so because of someone who works in the field of process technology.

Process technology is at the heart of many industrial, manufacturing and production plant operations. Because of the men and women who work in process technology we're able to enjoy many of the daily luxuries we often take for granted.

What is process technology?

Process technology, or PTech, is all about the various systems needed to ensure industrial plants operate smoothly to produce goods and services. Process technicians and operators monitor, control and fix the components that help run everything from power plants to water refineries to manufacturing facilities.

What can you do with a process technology degree?

Those who earn a degree in process technology can go on to use their education in a variety of fields, including2:

The main duty of this job is to manage a system of machines to transfer or treat water or wastewater.

The main duty of this job is to control the systems that generate and distribute power.

The main duties of this job are to assist chemical engineers and chemists in researching, developing and making chemical products and processes.

How to get a job in process technology

While power plant operators and water plant workers might only need a high school diploma, some employers do prefer on-the-job training, classroom education or even a degree.

You can earn a process technology degree by enrolling in a PTech job training program at a technical school. At nonprofit Remington College, we're proud to offer a process technology associate degree at several campuses across the U.S.

The PTech coursework focuses on:

The process technology degree can be completed in as few as 18 months.1

Remington College campuses offering this program:

If you're interested in pursuing a PTech education, Remington College is here to help. Visit or call 1-800-208-1950 to learn more.

1 Program completion times may vary based on individual performance/circumstances. Individual results may vary.

2Employment not guaranteed for graduates or students.