How to get a job as a cosmetologist in Mobile, Alabama

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Leaning back under warm water as a stylist shampoos your hair; relaxing as they cut, dry and style; and walking out feeling confident. If you’ve ever gone into a salon for a new look, you have likely worked closely with a cosmetologist.

There are employment opportunities for cosmetologists all across the country, including in Mobile, Alabama.1 In fact, Mobile has a location quotient of 1.10 for cosmetologists, meaning the occupation is slightly more common there than elsewhere in the U.S. And, with a steadily decreasing unemployment rate, Mobile could be a great place to go into this field.1 If you’re interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology in Mobile, consider these steps:

  • Do the research: If you’re a person who excels at time management and has loads of creativity and exceptional customer service skills, becoming a cosmetologist could be for you.1 In order to become a cosmetologist, every state requires completion of a state-approved program in order to be licensed. Additional requirements include a minimum age of 16 and receiving a high school diploma or equivalent. Because going into cosmetology is such a hands-on occupation, there are many states that require a practical test of styling skills and an oral exam in addition to a written state licensing exam.
  • Consider the options: Working in a salon or working with hair can actually mean several different things. You might specialize in a specific area, or you might even own your own salon.
    1. Barbers: Barbers cut, trim and style hair, focusing mostly on male clients. They might use combs, scissors, straight razors and clippers.
    2. Hairstylists: Hairstylists offer a range of services, from shampooing to cutting, coloring and styling. They typically work with men and women and use hairbrushes, scissors, blow dryers, and styling tools.
    3. Cosmetologists: Cosmetologists provide scalp and facial treatments, as well as makeup analysis. They might also work with wigs and hairpieces, and they recommend professional care products.
  • Enroll in a technical school: If these cosmetology jobs sound like something of interest to you, consider enrolling in a tech school. 1Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.


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