• Online Paralegal Associate's Degree

    If you are interested in the law, you may want to take a closer look at the paralegal profession. Remington College's online Paralegal Associate's Degree Program is designed to offer students a college education program that may enable them to embark on a paralegal career.(1)

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    Online Associate's Degree in Paralegal Program Overview

    Through our online Paralegal Associate's Degree program, you will have the opportunity to explore many facets of the law including family law, bankruptcy, probate, trial preparation, contracts, civil litigation, real estate, and more. Upon completion of this online paralegal degree program, you may be eligible work in an entry-level position in law firms, corporations, and governmental agencies.(1)

    Earning your paralegal degree through Remington College's online program can help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary assist attorneys in a variety of paralegal tasks and duties.(1)

    Topics covered in this paralegal associate's degree program include:

    • Examining, researching, and summarizing the facts of a case and other legal matters
    • Drafting legal documents and maintaining complete case files
    • Helping attorneys prepare for trial

    Paralegal Associate's Degree - Online Course Details

    The online Paralegal Associate's Degree program is delivered in six 13-week semesters and may be completed in as few as 18 months for full-time students. Completion of a minimum of 90 online quarter credit hours must be completed to qualify for graduation.

    The following courses are part of the Remington College online paralegal training curriculum:

    • Introduction to Paralegal Studies
    • Legal Liability and Ethics
    • Legal Writing
    • Legal Research
    • Bankruptcy Law
    • Real Estate Law
    • Family and Probate Law
    • Business and Contracts Law
    • Civil Litigation and Trial Preparation

    General education courses required for the online paralegal training program include sociology, college algebra, and English composition.

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    Paralegal Associate's Degree - Graduate Feedback

    "I'm quite proud to be graduating from Remington. I've had to work my tail off to get good grades, but I've loved every minute of it. Had it been easy, I would not have enjoyed it or learned from it.

    I have found Remington to be a very caring college, too. I don't feel like a number or an anonymous student lost in a huge class. I believe I've grown and improved, and that's what higher education is all about.

    I would like to thank the staff at Remington Online for your dedication and encouragement."

    - Marti F., May 2011 Graduate, Paralegal Associate's Degree(2)