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What degrees can you earn online?

By Remington College Posted November 6, 2020

When COVID-19 forced school closures across the nation, students and educators at every level were left to grapple with the idea of online learning. As technology advanced and institutions invested in online education, however, many higher education students might have found themselves considering earning an online degree for the first time.

Online college has some great benefits, from a flexible schedule to the ability to work from anywhere. Even so, if you’re considering the best online degrees for you, you might think going online means settling for a degree in a certain field. Not true.

These days, you can even earn trade school degrees online and get hands-on experience. Check out just a few of the degrees you can earn online below.

Associate degrees

Database Management and AdministrationIf you earn your database administrator degree online, you might be able to pursue an entry-level career in IT, data management, data security, database design, database management or data mapping.1 Database administrators typically ensure data is secure and that authorized people have access to it. Jobs in this field are projected to grow 10 percent from 2019 to 2029 , faster than the average for all occupations.2

Digital Graphic Art—If you want to blend artistic ability with computer skills and communications savvy, an online graphic design degree might be right for you.1 Graphic designers typically work with clients to create visual concepts, from digital illustrations to logos and layouts. Through online graphic design courses, you will work with current digital graphic art software to become familiar with graphic design theory and application.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)—When you picture HVAC training, you probably picture learning to work with your hands, using the tools and equipment you’ll see in the field rather than online HVAC training. It’s true, however, that you can actually pursue HVAC certification online. Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics typically install, clean and maintain HVAC systems. Through an HVAC online course, you can become familiar with the theories behind what you might encounter in the field, plus get hands-on experience through labs.1

Restaurant, Hospitality and Retail Management—If you enjoy working with customers and leading a team, you might consider a hospitality management degree, restaurant management degree or retail management degree.1 Remington College’s Restaurant, Hospitality and Retail Management degree program exposes students to each of these concepts. The program aims to prepare students for an entry level position in the field, such as as a lodging manager or food service manager.1

Bachelor's degrees

Criminal Justice Completion Degree—Those who pursue a criminal justice degree might find themselves in the field often, responding to calls and working in the community—so it might be a surprise that those who already have a criminal justice associate degree can earn an online criminal justice bachelor’s degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree might be useful for those who pursue a police or detective position with a specific agency.1 With the online criminal justice degree program at Remington College, you can learn from both theory and real-world experience from instructors.

Organizational Management Completion Degree—If you pursue an organizational management degree online, you will likely work on your leadership and business management skills through the curriculum. Those who graduate from an organizational management online program could pursue a career as a general manager, facilities manager, administrative service manager or more, doing things like planning, directing and coordinating activity at a business.1

Health Information Management Completion DegreeHealth information technicians typically review patient records, organize and maintain clinical data, assign clinical codes for data analysis and more. If this sounds like the perfect way to combine your analytical skills with an interest in the healthcare industry, you are in luck. You might consider pursuing your health information management degree online.1 At Remington College, you can even take it further and earn a master’s in health information management online.

1 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.
2 BLS statistics represent national job growth expectations and are not necessarily reflective of local market conditions.