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What can you do with a criminal justice degree?

By Remington College Posted April 21, 2020

Close your eyes and envision what a day on the job might look like for someone with a criminal justice degree.

You might be picturing chasing bad guys, arresting suspects and collecting evidence from a crime scene—in short, what you’ve seen police officers do on TV or in the movies.

But getting a criminal justice degree can actually mean so much more in terms of employment.1 Criminal justice programs might include courses on criminal law, forensics, criminology and victimology, communications, juvenile justice, ethics and more. This exciting field can prepare you for many different jobs that provide hands-on, out-of-the-office work.1

Interested in learning more about what you could do in law enforcement? Check out a few of the options you might have by getting your criminal justice degree:

As you can see, a criminal justice degree can allow you to enter many fields in law enforcement besides becoming a police officer. Entering the criminal justice field can allow students the opportunity to protect and serve their communities. While every occupation is different and caters to many different types of people, most occupations require perceptiveness, good judgment and great communication skills.

1 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.