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How do you know if online learning is right for you?

By Remington College Posted November 6, 2020

Online learning has been an option for many years now. During the pandemic, however, it was the only option for many schools and students. The good news is that institutions have figured out ways to make online classes work even more efficiently, and more students have been exposed to the possibility of online courses.

There’s no doubt that sitting in a classroom with other students at a designated time is a different experience than logging on to your computer and working through lessons when it’s convenient for you. Neither online nor traditional learning is inherently better than the other—it’s just about finding the right fit for each student.

If you’re wondering if an online trade school is right for you, consider these factors.

Do you have great time management skills?
Online classes lack the structure of traditional classroom environments, meaning they require a great deal of motivation and independence. Successful online students are self-disciplined, able to effectively budget their time and able to stick to deadlines without constant reminders. You might have specific timelines for turning in assignments, so you need to be able to track and meet those milestones so you get credit for your work and participation.

Are you a good communicator?
Without seeing peers and professors face-to-face in a traditional setting, you will need to develop solid written communication skills. Your professors and classmates may communicate with you via email, chat, or discussion board, so you need to be good about checking for communications and replying on a regular basis and in a timely manner.

Are you tech savvy? Do you have access to technology?
Having access to a working computer and reliable internet is an absolute necessity for those looking to earn online degrees. It’s important to make sure you have a way to log on and complete assignments on time. Additionally, already being comfortable with technology, especially web-based and internet technologies, will make the transition much easier, no matter what programs are required.

Do you need some flexibility?
Online learning can be an excellent fit for individuals with a busy family life or who work a full-time job, as the hours are more flexible than those of traditional school. Online courses allow students more flexibility to work in school requirements along with other commitments. You can access a wide range of online degree programs without having to worry about making time to commute to campus.

Making a decision
If online school sounds like it might be an option for you, there’s one thing that shouldn’t hold you back: your degree of choice. There are so many options for online college degrees, and some of the degrees you can earn online might surprise you. At Remington College, for instance, students can pursue HVAC training online, as well as pharmacy tech training and a medical assistant program.

1 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.