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Class lectures lead to hands-on clinical and laboratory training in our Fort Worth Medical Assisting diploma program.

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New medical assistants in training start with the basics, including learning how a medical office functions and proper conduct in a medical office and medical laboratory setting. They also learn basic lab skills like how to take and record blood pressure and basic vital signs.

In the upper modules of our Fort Worth Medical Assisting program, students take part in clinical activities like:

  • Dissection labs, where beef hearts and other lab organs are examined and dissected.
  • Suturing clinics, where students learn suturing methods and practice them on pigs’ feet.
  • Casting techniques, where students set casts on other students and get to keep the casts once they’re removed!
  • Mock clinics, where students pose as medical patients and learn to perform many of the skills they’re learning in class, like communicating with patients, taking vital signs, and assisting the physician in the exam area.

At the end of the program, a month-long externship allows students a chance to learn the job in the field.(1,2)

Included in the cost of tuition is the first attempt of the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam.(3,4)

(1)Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.
(2)Must meet minimum GPA requirements to qualify for externship opportunities.
(3)Individual results may vary.
(4)Certain restrictions may apply.

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Community Involvement

Our Fort Worth college is about people helping people. And our commitment shows, just about everywhere you look. Our Campus loves giving and sharing, whether it’s through our instruction or our community activism. At our Fort Worth college, the learning and sense of community doesn’t stop in our classrooms.

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Guests have included representatives from:

  • Sickle Cell Disease Association (SCDA) of Tarrant County, who visit twice a year.
  • Cooks Children’s Hospital Bone Marrow Registry: Bone marrow registry drives happen on Campus each quarter.
  • Carter Blood Care: Our Campus holds blood drives each quarter.
  • Well Bodies and World of Wellness, who visit through the year based on their schedule availability.

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From our tree-lined grounds, to our floor-to-ceiling glass entryway, to the peaceful waterfall wall you see when you enter, our Remington College campus in Fort Worth is beautiful.

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Since opening our doors in 1990, we’ve been providing relevant, hands-on diploma and degree programs in a variety of fields that are expected to be in demand and may help you get closer to the kind of career you’ve been looking for.(1)

(1)Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.

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Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM | Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Course List*
Course #Course NameLecture HrsLab HrsExternshipQtr Credit Hrs
CD203 Career Development Fundamentals 20 0 0 1.00
CD204 Career Development Principles 20 0 0 1.00
 Written Communication 20 0 0 2.00
 Social Psychology 20 0 0 2.00
GE118 Speech Communication 20 0 0 2.00
 General Psychology 20 0 0 2.00
 Introduction to Algebra Part I 20 0 0 2.00
GE205 Introduction to Algebra Part II 20 0 0 2.00
HS111 Health Science Essentials 30 30 0 3.50
HS112 Health Science Business Procedures 30 30 0  3.50
HS114 Externship 0 0 160 6.00
HS115 Law, Ethics, and Therapeutic Communication 10 50 0 3.00
 Fundamentals of Medical Assisting 40 40 0 5.00
MA114 Medical Laboratory Procedures 30 30 0 3.50
 Specialty Exams, Urinalysis, and Microbiology 30 30 0 3.50
MA116 Pharmacology 15 15 0 2.00
MA118 Cardiac Specialty Procedures 20 20 0 2.50
MA119 Reimbursement 20 20 0 2.50
 Nervous and Digestive Systems 20 20 0 2.50
MA124 Coding and Billing 40 40 0 5.00
IMA133 Capstone and Certification Preparation 40 0 0 3.00
MA136 Healthcare Insurance Applications 20 20 0 2.50
MA139 Healthcare Insurance 15 15 0 2.00
Total 520 36016064

* Courses subject to change. See catalog for current curriculum.

Program Summary

The Medical Assisting Diploma Program provides training in both administrative and clinical procedures, including the basic elements of coding for the healthcare and insurance industries. The objective of this Program is to prepare graduates for entry-level positions such as medical assistant, clinical or medical administrative assistant, insurance billing clerk, medical biller, collections and billing clerk, or medical receptionist in work locations such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical supply businesses, and home health agencies.

Program completion normally requires 12 months for full-time students. The Program is divided into 12 monthly academic periods (modules) comprised of 11 months of classroom and laboratory instruction and one externship period, which are delivered in a hybrid format. In the hybrid format, some courses are delivered residentially and some courses are delivered via distance education (i.e., on-line).

In order to be eligible for the externship period, students must successfully complete all courses in the academic periods and must have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Upon successful completion of all areas of this Program, graduates will be awarded a Diploma in Medical Assisting. Program completion times may vary based on individual performance/circumstances as well as the program selected

Career Possibilities(1)




(1) Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.


Remington College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) is a recognized accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education.


The Medical Assisting Diploma program at Remington College gives students the opportunity to study for their high school equivalency test, and also practice their medical assisting skills under the guidance of an industry-experienced instructor.(1)

(1)Programs not available at all locations.



Our admissions staff will be there to help guide you through the process of choosing a program that fits your educational goals and make sure you have all of the documentation place to get started on the right path. At no point in the admissions and enrollment process will you have to go it alone, we are here to help.
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Financial Guidance

The process of deciding how to pay for your education can be an intimidating experience if you have never gone through it before. Fortunately, our financial aid representatives are on hand during the enrollment process to make sure you are aware of all of your options and have filled out the appropriate paperwork to ensure a smooth transition into your educational journey.
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Student Services

Remington College established a student services webpage to provide our students with easy access to the resources they need to be successful in their chosen educational paths. We encourage all students to use this site as a starting point for accessing their academic resources.
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Career Services

Our Career Services department works with our students and graduates to support them in their job search. From resume writing and interviewing techniques, to making connections with employers and holding job fairs, we provide support to current students and graduates.
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